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Save E85 Flex Fuel

E85 offers American drivers a true alternative to imported oil, but an upcoming tax hike threatens its availability.

Actions by Congress will soon add 38¢ to every gallon of E85. With this shifting policy, the E85 industry will be unable to offer today's value at the pump, and the price of E85 will soon go up.

Get all the facts. Visit the Coalition for E85 website.

You Can Take Action

With 3 minutes of your time, you can help stop a 38¢ increase to the price of your E85.

Visit CoalitionForE85.org/take-action to send your elected officials a letter supporting the inclusion of E85 in the Alternative Fuel Credit tax code.

Know the Solution

The solution is simple–support the inclusion of E85 as an "alternative fuel" in the tax code, and extend the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit beyond 2011.

Get all the facts. Visit the Coalition for E85 website.


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Coalition for E85

Propel is a proud member of the Coalition composed of retailers, producers, equipment manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and other supporters of E85 fuel. The Coalition's mission is to undertake an immediate and targeted effort to secure a tax credit for E85 fuel in response to impending cuts to current incentives.



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