About Propel Fuels, Inc.
Propel operates 43 Flex Fuel and 31 Biodiesel retail locations statewide, representing over 50,000 clean fuel transactions per month and 10,000,000 gallons of fuel sold to individual consumers annually. More information available at www.propelfuels.com.

Low Carbon Biofuel Customer Survey designed by independent research firm Lux Insights. Customer surveys conducted at Propel fueling locations.
Individual responses: 1007
Margin of error: 3.3%
Statewide Survey: March 2012
San Joaquin Valley/ Inland Empire Survey: June 2014
Low Carbon Biofuel Customer Income Data: Claritas/Nielsen PRIZM
Segmentation Systems, 2012, 2014

Vehicle Fleet Data
Flex Fuel Vehicle projections: Navigant Research & Fuels Institute, 2013
Electric Vehicle projections: SB-1275: Charge Ahead California Initiative
Fuel Cell Vehicle projections: California Fuel Cell Partnership, A California Road Map

Electric Vehicle Consumer Data
Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) User Survey, Oct 2013, May 2014

Census Data
U.S. Census Bureau
University of Michigan Population Studies Center

Fuel Data
Renewable Diesel: CARB Assessment of the Emissions from the Use of Biodiesel as a Motor Vehicle Fuel in California
Biodiesel Characterization and NOx Mitigation Study, October 2011
University of Michigan Population Studies Center
E85: Effect of E85 on Tailpipe Emissions from Light-Duty Vehicles, 2009

Survey Contact
Rob Elam, Propel Fuels, rob@propelfuels.com

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